Live A Little

Mark Billingham, Chris Brookmyre

Live A Little
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Live A Little

Mark Billingham, Chris Brookmyre

Wednesday, October 18
8:30pm - 10:00pm
Granville Island Brewery Taproom

1441 Cartwright St.

England’s Mark Billingham and Scotland’s Chris Brookmyre, both bestselling thriller writers, know that when you’ve had a few drinks, you’re good and ready for a spot of literary filth. And can they deliver! They’ve spent the last few years successfully performing a show all around Great Britain as a literary double-act in which readings from their novels and thoughtful discussion on genre are jettisoned in favour of cheap laughs and entertaining stories from the real world of being a writer—the angry letters, the backstage shenanigans and the nutters. Oh my, the nutters! Expect strong language, dirty stories and at least one extremely disturbing piece about a chicken, as Mark and Chris stand ready, willing and able to lower the tone at this year’s Writers Fest.

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Mark Billingham

United Kingdom

Before becoming a noted crime writer, Mark Billingham worked as an actor, a television writer and a stand-up comedian. His books Sleepyhead and Scaredy Cat were made into popular television shows and all of his novels featuring Detective Inspector Tom Thorne have appeared on the Sunday Times bestseller list. DI Thorne returns this year in Love Like Blood, in which he helps another detective whose partner has been murdered, possibly due to the cold-case honour killings she has been investigating.


Chris Brookmyre


Chris Brookmyre’s award-winning debut Quite Ugly One Morning established him as a noteworthy crime author and his series of Jack Parlabane books have sold more than one million copies in the UK. He has published more than 20 novels which incorporate comedy, social commentary, action and politics. He has worked as a journalist and was the President of the Humanist Society Scotland for many years. Brookmyre’s new work, Want You Gone, follows Parlabane as he is thrust into a world of blackmail and hackers exploring how private information is made public in the digital age.