Ghosts and Spirits

Angie Abdou, Gurjinder Basran, Alison Pick

Ghosts and Spirits

Moderator: Anne Fleming

Event Number: 80
Tickets: $20.00

Ghosts and Spirits

Angie Abdou, Gurjinder Basran, Alison Pick

Saturday, October 21
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

1412 Cartwright St.

Even those who don’t believe in literal ghosts or ethereal spirits are likely to have had, or heard about an experience, with some kind of otherworldly entity. For writers, creating a mysterious force to meddle in human affairs is irresistible and can constantly be reinvented. Angie Abdou‘s young protagonist Eli is almost possessed by his great-great-grandfather Elijah and is dragged into a past where amends must be made. Alison Pick‘s utopian Jewish settlers are haunted by ghosts and compromised by unbearable secrets. And Gurjinder Basran‘s protagonist must grapple with the possibility that her brother is the reincarnation of her deceased uncle.

*Note: programming details have changed since the program guide was printed. Hannah Kent is no longer appearing in this event.*

Event Participants:

Angie Abdou


Angie Abdou is a Canadian fiction writer whose work has received numerous awards and is often included on the “best of” lists of the year. In addition to being a novelist, she often moderates discussions at writers’ festivals across the country. She has taught for more than 15 years and is currently the Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Athabasca University. She regularly contributes to Quill & Quire, where she furthers the discussion of Canadian literature.  Abdou’s new book In Case I Go is her fifth work and explores how we are haunted by the actions of our ancestors.


Gurjinder Basran

British Columbia

Gurjinder Basran worked as a telecom manager before writing her award-winning debut novel, Everything Was Good-bye. She was named by the CBC as one of “Ten Canadian Women Writers You Need to Read” for her book which details the struggle of holding to Indian culture while trying to adapt to Canadian customs. Basran studied Creative Writing at Simon Fraser University and has been an instructor in their writer’s program. Her new novel, Someone You Love Is Gone, explores the elements that hold a family together and what can tear them apart.

Alison Pick


Alison Pick was the 2002 winner of the Bronwen Wallace Award for the most promising young writer in Canada. She is the author of three poetry books, and her novels, The Sweet Edge and Far to Go, were well-received bestsellers. Her memoir, Between Gods, which was published internationally, is about her conversion to Judaism as a young woman. Her latest novel, Strangers with the Same Dream, is a politically-charged novel that delves into the turmoil surrounding Palestine in the 1920s and how this conflict changed people and their aspirations.