Frame by Frame

Fanny Britt, Cecil Castellucci

Frame by Frame

Moderator: Kallie George

Event Number: 45
Tickets: $17.00

Frame by Frame

Fanny Britt, Cecil Castellucci

Thursday, October 19
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St.,
3rd Floor

Graphic novels which focus on serious topics have been mainstream for more than 30 years. These books have the ability to tell a story in ways that words alone can’t. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Today meet two graphic novelists who write—and draw—serious stuff for young readers. Cecil Castellucci gives us a train-hopping runaway in Depression-era United States, trying to distance herself from her abusive father. But girls have few options and Soupy disguises herself as a boy to make the break. Fanny Britt introduces us to Louis, a boy who shuttles between his alcoholic dad and his worried mom. ‘Comic’ books? Definitely not! This afternoon follow the lives of two young people making their way through difficult situations, frame by frame.

Suitable for Grades 5-8.

Event Participants:

Fanny Britt


Fanny Britt is a Francophone writer who has written a dozen plays and translated more than 15. She graduated from the playwriting program at the National Theatre School of Canada in 2010, and two years later she won the Governor General’s Literary Award in Drama for her play Bieveillance. Britt’s first graphic novel, Jane, the Fox and Me, was collaboration with Isabelle Arsenault and won numerous awards. They are working together again on Louis Undercover. Britt’s first novel for adults Hunting Houses, arriving this year, is a complex and realistic exploration of a woman’s marriage.


Cecil Castellucci

United States

Cecil Castellucci is the author of books, short stories and graphic novels for young adults including Boy Proof, Odd Duck and The Plain Janes for which she was awarded best Canadian Comic Book Writer. Her short stories have been published in various anthologies. Beyond writing, Castellucci is a playwright, filmmaker, performer and musician.  She is the Children’s Correspondence Coordinator for The Rumpus and the founding YA Editor at The LA Review of Books. Her newest graphic novel Soupy Leaves Home, illustrated by Jose Pimienta, is set in the 1930s and follows two misfits who are searching for a better life.