Best in the Biz

Marie-Louise Gay, Barbara Reid, Sydney Smith

Best in the Biz
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Best in the Biz

Marie-Louise Gay, Barbara Reid, Sydney Smith

Thursday, October 19
10:00am - 11:00am
Revue Stage

1601 Johnston St.

Three luminaries in the world of children’s books are here to stretch, surprise and satisfy young minds. Marie-Louise Gay—winner of two Governor General’s awards and author of the popular Stella and Sam series—shares Short Stories for Little Monsters, a collection that gives us a glimpse into the things children wonder about every day. What do cats really see? What do trees talk about? Barbara Reid, winner of every major Canadian children’s book award and appointed member of the Order of Canada, amazes with her stunning Plasticine illustrations in Picture the Sky. And Sydney Smith, arguably the most sought-after illustrator in the country, transports children to a Cape Breton mining community in Town Is by the Sea.

Suitable for grades K-3.

Event Participants:

Marie-Louise Gay


Marie-Louise Gay is a renowned children’s author and illustrator of more than 60 books whose characters are beloved by children and adults all around the world. She has won many awards, including two Governor General’s awards and the Claude Aubry Award, which is presented by IBBY Canada for distinguished service within the field of children’s literature. This year she has three books coming out, including a new Princess Pistachio book and Short Stories for Little Monsters.

Barbara Reid


Barbara Reid’s stunning plasticine illustrations and amazing stories have made her a household name for many. She is a member of the Order of Canada and has received every major Canadian children’s book award, including the Governor General’s Award. In 2015 she was named Honorary Chair of Family Literacy Day, and her books have been distributed in literary programs across Canada. Picture the Sky is her latest book and is a companion piece to Picture a Tree. In it, Reid encourages everyone to not take the everyday for granted and to see the magic in the world.


Sydney Smith


Sydney Smith is an award-winning children’s book illustrator. He was raised in rural Nova Scotia and began drawing at a young age. He studied drawing and printmaking at NSCAD University. His work has appeared on festival posters, album covers and magazines. He illustrated the highly acclaimed and wordless, Sidewalk Flowers, which won a Governor General’s Award and was named a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book. Currently his illustrations feature in Smoot a Rebellious Shadow and the breathtaking Town is by the Sea, which follows a boy and his wandering mind on his walk around Cape Breton.