Barbara Gowdy in Conversation with Caroline Adderson

Barbara Gowdy in Conversation with Caroline Adderson

Moderator: Caroline Adderson

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Barbara Gowdy in Conversation with Caroline Adderson

Wednesday, October 18
6:00pm - 7:15pm
Waterfront Theatre

1412 Cartwright St.

Fans of Barbara Gowdy—and they are legion—have waited
a decade for a new novel from this acclaimed Canadian
author. While excruciating back pain has slowed her output,
it’s clear that her creativity and imagination are in full
flight. Little Sister, in its simplest outline, is about a woman
able to leave her own physical body to inhabit another
and to experience the world through that other. “I’m really
interested in other people’s stories, and what it would
be like to be you,” Gowdy has said. This is a rare chance
to turn the tables and find out what it’s like to be one of the
most inventive, risk-taking writers working today, who’s been
shortlisted for or awarded almost every major prize during
her 25 years of work.

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Barbara Gowdy


Barbara Gowdy has written seven books which have experienced widespread international acclaim. As a novelist and short story writer, she has been described by Harper’s as someone who has “refused to subscribe to worn-out techniques and storytelling methods.” She is a member of the Order of Canada and a three-time finalist for The Governor General’s Award. Her latest work, Little Sister, written after a struggle with depression caused by extreme back pain, follows a woman who can leave her body and experience the world through another person.