An Intimate Evening with Linden MacIntyre

An Intimate Evening with Linden MacIntyre
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An Intimate Evening with Linden MacIntyre

Tuesday, October 17
6:00pm - 7:15pm
Improv Centre

1502 Duranleau St.

Linden MacIntyre spent 24 years as the co-host of the fifth estate and won 10 Gemini awards for his work as a journalist. But it’s as a novelist that he’s now winning the hearts of Canadians. The Bishop’s Man earned him the Scotiabank Giller Award; Why Men Lie and Punishment were national bestsellers. His new novel, The Only Café, stretches from Toronto to 1980s refugee camps in Lebanon. MacIntyre turned to fiction to tell deeper, more backgrounded stories than journalism allowed. Fiction, he says, “takes people by the hand into situations that they don’t particularly want to visit and on terms that make those situations quite understandable and real, by embedding big ideas in ordinary lives.” You’ll want to spend time with this thoughtful and experienced guide.

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Linden MacIntyre


Linden MacIntyre is a broadcaster, journalist and bestselling novelist. MacIntyre worked for 24years as a co-host for The Fifth Estate, a program dedicated to thorough and comprehensive investigations. He has won ten Gemini Awards for his work on the program, as well as numerous awards for journalistic excellence and writing, including a Scotiabank Giller Prize for The Bishop’s Man. MacIntyre’s new novel The Only Café is a thought-provoking and timely piece of literature. After his father’s mysterious death, Cyril learns more about his father’s hidden past and his life in Lebanon that he fled from as a refugee.