Incite: March 21


7:30pm on Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Admission is free*
Alice MacKay room, Central Library

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*Please let us know you are attending by registering in advance. Please note that registration is so that we know how many people to expect. Admission on the night is always on a first-come-first-served basis.


The Writers

Tamara Faith Berger

Tamara Faith Berger

Tamara Faith Berger's third novel Maidenhead traverses the desperate, wild spaces of a teenage girl’s self-consciousness. How does a girl feel scared? What is she scared of? And how does telling yourself not to be scared really work? As Myra enters worlds unfamiliar of sex, porn, race and class, she explores territories unknown in herself. (Coach House Books)


Anakana Schofield


Anakana Schofield is an Irish-Canadian writer of fiction, essays, and literary criticism. With Malarky, Schofield has delivered a character as extraordinary as Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage, and a domestic situation that rivals Samuel Beckett's Endgame for its stagnant and sorrowful absurdity. Her wicked humour is everywhere apparent, and Malarky, brilliantly drawn in the cadences of contemporary Ireland, is an absolutely peerless tour-de-force. (Biblioasis)


Ben Wood

The Bellwether Revivals

Part Secret History, part Brideshead Revisited for the 21st century, Ben Wood's The Bellwether Revivals is a page-turning, romantic, eerie tale of genius and, possibly, madness; a stunning debut for fans of Sarah Waters, Donna Tartt, and Lauren Goff. (McClelland & Stewart)