Incite: January 26, 2011

Join us for the launch of Incite!

7:30pm on Wednesday, January 26

Admission is free*

Alice MacKay room, Central Library

Featuring readings from Michael Christie, Amber Dawn and Andrew Pyper

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The Writers

Michael Christie

Michael Christie's debut collection of short stories, The Beggar's Garden, follows a diverse group of curiously interrelated Vancouverites as they struggle against a unifying sense of loss, all while drifting through each other's lives. These darkly comic and intoxicating stories, gleefully free of moral judgement, are about people who are searching in the jagged margins of life- for homes, drugs, shelter, love, forgiveness - and collectively they offer a generous and vivid portrait of humanity, not just in Vancouver but in any modern urban centre. (Source:

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Amber Dawn

Sub Rosa's reluctant heroine is known as "Little," a teenaged runaway unable to remember her real name. Not initially a toiler in the sex trade, she's caught teetering on the edge and ready to succumb. In her struggle to get by, she stumbles upon an underground society of ghosts and magicians, missing girls and would-be johns: a place called Sub Rosa. Dawn keeps the proceedings at a darkly whimsical remove from the real hurts of the world, she's after a larger vision that raises questions about the entire emotionally fraught edifice of our received beliefs about sex, men and women, roles, rights and abuses. (Sources: Arsenal Pulp and The Globe and Mail)

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Andrew Pyper

The Guardians is an intense exploration of male friendship under the pressures of violence and suspicion along with a contemporary psychologically astute revisitation of the haunted house story. The Thurman house is an inviting, secret place for the teenaged boys of small town Grimshaw to enact their clandestine desires. It is the actions of four teenage boys during the winter of 1984 that haunts them upon their reluctant return to Grimshaw twenty-four years later, on the occasion of one of the four's suicide. Both moving and horrifying, The Guardians explores the secrets of boys and men and the darkest corner of their hearts that must be guarded against. (Source: Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd.)

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