Incite: April 16

7:30pm on Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Admission is free
Alice MacKay room, Central Library

The Writers

Kim Fu

Kim Fu’s poetry, essays and long-form journalism have appeared in journals and anthologies across Canada and the U.S., including Best Canadian Essays 2012. She is the news columns editor for This, a magazine of progressive politics now in its 47th year. Her debut novel is For Today I Am a Boy.

For Today I Am a Boy
At birth, Peter Huang is given the Chinese name juan chaun, meaning powerful king. He is the exalted only son in a family of daughters, the one who will finally fulfill his father’s dreams of Western masculinity. But Peter has different dreams: he knows that he is a girl. Sensitive, witty and stunningly assured, Kim Fu’s debut novel is a coming-of-age tale like no other.

Brian Payton

Brian Payton is the author of two non-fiction books Shadow of the Bear: Travels in Vanishing Wilderness, The Ice Passage: A True Story of Ambition, Disaster, and Endurance in the Arctic Wilderness and a novel Hail Mary Corner. He lives with his family in Vancouver. His new novel is The Wind is Not a River.

The Wind Is Not a River is a gripping tale of survival and an epic love story in which a husband and wife—separated by the only battle of World War II to take place on American soil—fight to reunite in Alaska's starkly beautiful Aleutian Islands. A powerful, richly atmospheric story of life and death, commitment and sacrifice.

Audrey Thomas

Audrey Thomas has published 17 previous novels and short story collections. Her novels Intertidal Life and Coming Down from Wa were nominated for Governor General's Literary Awards and won the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. In 2003 she won the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award. Her latest book is Local Customs.

Local Customs
Letitia Landon is an intelligent, witty, successful writer, much sought after for dinner parties and soirées in the London of the 1830s. But, still single at thirty-six, she fears ending up as a wizened crone. Just as she is beginning to believe she will never marry, she meets George Maclean, the governor of Cape Coast Castle on the Gold Coast of West Africa. George and Letty marry quietly and set sail for Cape Coast. Eight weeks later she is dead. Letty speaks from beyond the grave to let the reader see the world through her eyes and explore the mystery of her death.

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