Incite: April 27

7:30pm on Wednesday April 27, 2016
Admission is free
Alice McKay Room, VPL Central Branch - 350 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver

The Writers:

Anne and Nicholas Giardini (BC)
Anne Giardini, Carol Shields' daughter, has published two novels, The Sad Truth about Happiness and Advice for Italian Boys, and is working on a third. She co-edited Startle and Illuminate with Nicholas Giardini, one of Carol Shields's twelve grandchildren. A committed reader, Nicholas enjoys books that explore character and self-perception.

Startle and Illuminate: Carol Shields on Writing
In the course of her extraordinary career, which included the novels The Stone Diaries, Larry's Party, The Republic of Love and Unless, as well as poetry, short stories, biography and plays, Carol Shields was unfailingly encouraging of other writers. Now, drawn by Anne and Nicholas Giardini from her voluminous correspondence with other writers, essays, notes, comments, criticism and lectures, Startle and Illuminate is a last gift from one of our finest novelists meant for both aspiring and established writers. 

Elizabeth McLean (BC)
Elizabeth McLean immigrated to Canada from Warsaw, Poland, in the 1960s. She worked for several years as a CBC radio producer, a researcher for TIME Canada, and a government policy writer. In 2005, she moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, where she spent six years immersed in and researching Vietnamese culture. A debut author at age 73, Elizabeth now lives in Vancouver.

The Swallows Uncaged
In The Swallows Uncaged, Elizabeth McLean paints a sweeping yet intimate panorama of Vietnam in the style of a Vietnamese eight-panel screen: eight narratives that each capture a moment in time and yet speak to one another. Interweaving historical and fictional characters over ten centuries, the stories portray the passions and turmoil of successive generations of the Nguyen clan’s wives and daughters, and of their men.

Laura Trunkey (BC)
Laura Trunkey’s previous stories have been published in journals and magazines across Canada, and included in the anthology Darwin’s Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow (2010). She is also the author of the children’s novel, The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier (2008). She lives in Victoria with her husband and son.

Double Dutch
Intensely imaginative and darkly emotional, the weird and wonderful stories in Double Dutch deftly alternate between fantasy and reality, transporting readers into worlds that are at once both familiar and uncanny — where animals are more human, and people more mysterious, than they first appear. This enchanting and, at times, heartbreaking collection of stories showcases the talent of one of the most exciting new voices in Canadian literature.