“I have seen two or three events at the Vancouver Writers Fest for the past eight years. In the beginning I saw mystery authors (still my favourite), but I am starting to step out of my comfort zone, and I am enjoying authors who I’ve never read (or in some cases never heard of). The reason? You bring in authors who are not only excellent writers, but are comfortable with an audience. Exposure to all these wonderful authors has enriched my reading life. Thank you!"

2014 Festival attendee


“The Vancouver Festival seems to get everything right. Fantastic programming, great venues, sell-out crowds, first-rate staff and volunteers. An atmosphere that manages to be completely professional and relaxed at the same time. No festival I've ever attended treats its authors better or offers more to attendees. A gem.”

Michael Crummey
2014 Festival author



“This Festival always blows me away, but this event was the high of highs. The moderator and the audience asked excellent questions, the writers were gracious, honest and insightful about an issue clearly of concern to those in the audience. I couldn’t sleep for hours after, with excitement and gratitude.”

2014 Festival attendee, The Story So Far



“I am still agog after the experience of having two hundred people come out quite early in the morning to hear a panel of short story writers. I've never seen the like before. What a great boost to the craft. It was like some sort of heaven. This has to be one of the loveliest literary festivals anywhere and I'm happy to have been invited to take part. Really, though, the best thing about it is the guaranteed connection with a huge reading audience. I don't know how you do it, but it sure feels great to share one's work with a full house.”

Kathleen Winter
2014 Festival author

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