2013 Vancouver Writers Fest Accolades

"I had the best time. Everything was beautifully orchestrated, from getting picked up at the airport to being escorted to my events to the facilitating of the camaraderie among the writers. The events were nicely curated, well hosted and beautifully attended.  Granville Island, with its galleries, shops, restaurants, market and vibe, is such an excellent place to show off Vancouver to festival participants. Don't change anything."

Cathy Marie Buchanan, 2013 Festival author

"I’m not surprised the Festival was so successful. You were running a very tight ship: from the volunteer who picked me up at the airport (and she must’ve been custom-chosen – she spoke Polish!), to the sold-out readings (sold-out readings?!) to the beautiful hotel accommodations.  And on top of it all, I got to spend some time with fellow authors. My events were probably one of the best experiences I’ve had since the book came out – seeing dozens of people in the audience reminded me why all that emotional hardship (hello, Drunk Mom!) was worth it."

Jowita Bydlowska, 2013 Festival author

"There's every reason to go to the Vancouver Writers Fest. The city is beautiful and welcoming, the Festival is chock full of interesting people and the kindest, most attentive staff you'll find anywhere. Between events you can rent a bike and have a little urban adventure surrounded by gorgeous scenery. The seafood rivals Seattle's. There's nothing not to like about the VWF."

George Packer, 2013 Festival author

"The VWF was like walking into a well-orchestrated hug. The whole of Granville Island seemed to be solely devoted to the Festival and its authors, which makes for a heady experience indeed. The indefatigable volunteers, the superb hosts, the venues and most certainly the appreciative audiences will be called upon in my memory when the days are grey and the writing lurches awkwardly from word to word. 'Keep at it, make it sing, and maybe one day you'll be asked back."

Teresa Toten, 2013 Festival author

"Vancouver Writers Fest 2013 was one of the best organized events I've ever had the pleasure to take part in. And in thirty years I've taken part in a good number."

Kathie Stinson, 2013 Festival author

"The Vancouver Writers' Festival has long been my favourite. The Granville Island audiences are always large and receptive and well read. The Festival is exquisitely organized, in part owing to its wonderful cadre of volunteers. And Granville Island itself is a pleasure to visit, fog or no fog. Did I mention the great hotel?"

Wayne Johnston, 2013 Festival author

"I really enjoyed my time at the Festival. The kids we spoke to were attentive and responsive—great audiences. I was so impressed by the questions they asked, as well as the knowledge they brought to the presentation. Frieda and I received a lot of positive feedback about our talks and how we made history come alive for the students."

Elizabeth MacLeod, 2013 Festival author

"I love the VWF. It entertains, it provokes, it evokes, it satisfies and gratifies."

2013 Festival audience member

"You have introduced me to Canadian writers I might never have found myself."

2013 Festival audience member

"It remains the gold standard of festivals."

Eric Walters, 2013 Festival author

"Thanks for gathering authors and book lovers together every year for this most wonderful event. There were many highlights. I suppose one that shone the brightest for me was the conversation with Tomson Highway and Michel Tremblay. Thank you so much for imagining this twosome and bringing it to the stage so we might all be inspired and provoked by their words."

2013 Festival audience member

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the Writers Fest this year. My favourite presentations—the ones that literally took my breath away—were Word! and In the Beginning.  Both have spawned elaborate conversations amongst my friends and family .The world just seems like a much more interesting place, and full of so much possibility, when the door is opened on people like these."

2013 Festival audience member

'Warm' is the word I keep coming back to—my experience with other writers, with the incredible volunteers, the moderators who were so well prepared, and with audience members I talked to either at the actual events or just walking down the street. I last attended VIWF in 2008, and had such good memories of my time there that I thought I'd be bound to be disappointed this time—instead I left with even more good memories. I'm so glad to have been included in the festival this year and I hope to be back again!

Mary Swan, 2013 Festival author

"I chose this event because I’ve never heard of Paul Muldoon and tend to shy away from poetry. A whole new world has now been opened to me. Such a gift."

2013 Festival audience member

"This was — I’m not exaggerating — one of the best cultural events I’ve ever attended in my life. Paul Muldoon was brilliant and witty and John Freeman a very sympathetic interviewer. Thank you."

2013 Festival audience member