2012 Vancouver Writers Fest Accolades

"Solitude, while conducive to writing and reading, is sometimes overrated. I did not know how hungry I was to converse and listen, how eager to meet fellow citizens of Planet Book until I arrived in Vancouver. The VWF is full of great things, daring things, the beautiful, the improvised, the intricate and things that happen by fluke. Thank you dear Festival Organizers, Generous Volunteers, Kind Readers, Fellow Writers. Thank you for creating such a vibrant human space. You have completely rekindled my faith in the future of reading."

Kyo Maclear, 2012 Festival author

"Ontario Medley was a fabulous ending to a wonderful Festival, the best in my experience. Chor Leoni, Diane Loomer and Jane Urquhart are an exquisite blend of joy, music and humanity."

Josh M., 2012 Festival audience member

"I just attended my first Writers Fest event and I enjoyed it even more than I expected. It was a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with very intelligent, talented and interesting people!"

Mary Anne B., 2012 Festival audience member

"Long Walk to the Truth is the best session I have ever attended at the Writers Fest. It was very well moderated with an interesting mix of authors. I bought both books and can't wait to delve into them."

J. Smart, 2012 Festival audience member

"Junot Diaz was absolutely dazzling. It's incredibly inspiring to be able to attend events with writers of this caliber. I've been to four events this year and I really like hearing authors I haven't heard before, especially from outside Canada."

Jean E., 2012 Festival audience member

"Prior to the Poetry Bash I thought about what I would like to experience: diverse poets with a wide range of experiences… and you did it! A fabulous group of poets, insightful and joyous!"

Karen M., 2012 Festival audience member

"This year's Festival was outstanding. The mix of writers was inspiring and the moderators were excellent. I especially love the combination of literature and music. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to make this one of the best weeks of the year for me."

Ruth F., 2012 Festival audience member