2011 Vancouver Writers Fest Accolades

"My first experience at the Vancouver Writers Fest was delightful and enlightening. It was a pleasure to hear the selected authors speak about their works and their personal histories. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be returning next year for more events. PS. I have now become a reader!"

 Joyce Lam, 2011 Festival audience member

"I flew back to Calgary late this afternoon, inspired and energized from participating in the Vancouver Writers Fest. What a gift for writers, this opportunity, in its gorgeous setting, to share our creative works and ideas with the public and with each other. This morning I participated in my last panel, with Marsha Lederman as moderator. She created a session where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. People lined up to speak of how moved they were. Marsha lifted the panel to another level with her intricate knowledge of the books, her recognition of their subtle resonances, and her ability to seize those significant moments that presented themselves, even if they weren’t part of her prepared script. We felt in such good hands, able to hone in on and discuss those universal moments in story and in life that make an audience feel a community experience."

 Rosemary Nixon, 2011 Festival author

"Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in the Festival. I truly enjoyed myself, and am now settled back at home with a trove of happy memories. I met so many warm people and had so many laughs over the weekend, and it was wonderful to connect with readers and writers. Unfortunately though, I think I’ve developed a little crush on Vancouver. Ah, well, I knew the risk going in."

 Nicole Lundrigan, 2011 Festival author

"I so enjoyed being in Vancouver. The Vancouver Writers Fest is an extraordinary Festival and it was a wonderful way to end what was a very long book tour. The highlight—as I'd been promised—was the Literary Cabaret. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever done as a writer. I grew up around the Sun Valley Writers' Conference—my parents founded it—and as a result have very high standards when it comes to events like these. VWF is an impeccably run festival and I was honoured to be part of it."

 Alexander Maksik, 2011 Festival author

"A fantastic festival this year, as always, it just keeps getting better and better! The Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson combo was brilliant—a format to be repeated. I loved the casual but very interesting conversation between two authors who obviously clicked."

 Marjan Szlivka, 2011 Festival audience member

"It was wonderful to be at an event so evidently recognized by its audiences as a highlight of their literary year—is this just a Canadian thing, or are festival audiences always so engaged, so ready to laugh, so happy to participate and ask questions? There was a warmth and generosity at every event I attended, which made participating a great privilege."

 Cate Kennedy, 2011 Festival author