Vancouver Writers Fest Accolades


"The Vancouver Writers Fest is an absolute, enlightening, empowering, thought provoking blast."

2015 Festival attendee



"This was, I think, the third if not the fourth time I have been invited to one of the friendliest, best-run and most enjoyable festivals I have ever attended. Vancouver is wonderful city; Granville Island a microcosm of all that is funky and cool and fun about the place; and I would expect anyone who is ever invited to come should feel a sense of privileged delight."

Simon Winchester
2015 Festival author



"The field of work I am in often narrows my focus. Coming to the Vancouver Writers Fest reopens the world for me. I get to go to all these worlds, be in these characters' minds and hear how these authors create these worlds."

2015 Festival attendee


"As an author who travels frequently, taking part in literary festivals of all kinds, I appreciate, so very much, savvy and thoughtful planning and preparation. You and your staff did a truly wonderful job; the panels and moderators were terrific and so well-equipped and ready for their jobs at hand. The authors on stage were an excellent bunch. We socialized and shared lots of laughs and great fun. […] All of the volunteers were lovely and so eager to please. There was that truly special sense of having known and liked these people already that delivers such a remarkable feeling of comfort and makes for such a happy atmosphere.[…] This is a festival I am eager to return to, again and again and again."

Sara Blaedel
2015 Festival author (far left in photo)

Additional Writers Fest accolades: