85 Emerge

Wayde Compton
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 1:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

Join us as we launch emerge 16 with refreshments and lively "egg-timer" student readings of exactly three minutes each. Yes, we will time them. Once the last grain of sand trickles down, it's on to the next reader! Creative writing program director at SFU Continuing Studies Wayde Compton, will host the launch of The Writer’s Studio’s 16th publication. It is the first time the Studio will be showcasing students from both its Vancouver campus and from its brand-new Online program.

Come and hear from new voices in our midst—23 writers who span three generations and who write in the genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and speculative fiction. This eclectic collage of stories and poems—real and imagined, outlandish and everyday—crackles with the electric buzz of young love in the city and the melancholy hum of a long road home.

Featuring 22 of TWS & TWSO 2016 students, in four genres:

Speculative Fiction:

  1. Kitty Widjaja
  2. Cynthia Sharp
  3. Alessia Yaworsky
  4. Emma Cleary


  1. Zoe J. Dagneault
  2. Sylvia Symons
  3. Emily Olsen
  4. Quinn Anderson
  5. Jan Klimas
  6. Christina Boschmann
  7. Heather Louise Walmsley


  1. Coranne Creswell
  2. Adriane Giberson
  3. Emmet Matheson
  4. Leslie Comrie
  5. Michal Beaudry
  6. Christine Lai
  7. Liz Laidlaw
  8. Jasmine Frances Sealy


  1. Elaine Cross
  2. Tara Cullis
  3. Carolyn Bentley