80 The Museum at the End of the World: John Metcalf in Conversation with Caroline Adderson

Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 8:00pm
Studio 1398

Alice Munro says John Metcalf “comes as close to the baffling, painful comedy of human experience as a writer can get.” A Member of the Order of Canada, he has been writing and editing for more than 45 years, but The Museum at the End of the World is his first book of fiction in 26 years. This linked collection plays with various forms of comedy as he paints the life of one writer and his wife in the 20th century. His preferred approach to writing fiction is short stories because, he says, “you got to get it dead right. A beat or two off and it’s ruined.” Metcalf is a fierce advocate for good writing in Canada, and you’ll enjoy his no-holds-barred conversation this evening.