71 Aftershocks

United States
British Columbia
Alix Hawley
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 10:30am
Revue Stage

“The most important part of war happens on the inside of people,” says Kevin Patterson.He served as a Canadian military medical officer for nine years, including time in Afghanistan, and his debut novel tackles how war affects everyone involved. Vietnam vet and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Robert Olen Butler focuses his 13th novel on war’s aftershocks—a marriage forged in the fervour of anti-Vietnam-war protests now cracking apart and a family fractured. Lynne Kutsukake’s novel, born from her family’s internment and her years as a librarian studying Japanese materials, centres on a young girl repatriated to post-war Japan, constrained by poverty and shame. Says Patterson: “What was seen, continues to be seen. What was done is done over and over again.” Come feel the aftershocks.