68 Writer as Citizen

British Columbia
British Columbia/United States
United States
Charles Foran
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 10:30am
Granville Island Stage

As cliché has it, the writer toils alone in a garret for years, to emerge blinking in the sunlight, finding the world has moved on. But there are writers for whom engagement with the world is a responsibility. As a journalist covering international conflicts, Deborah Campbell is a commentator and an advocate for freedom of expression. The renowned Wade Davis has travelled the world, lending both his voice and his support for many causes. Poet Christopher Merrill has visited more than 30 countries engaging in cultural diplomacy on behalf of the U.S. Writer and essayist Noah Richler’s new book The Candidate stems from hisrun for parliament during the last election. What compelled these writers to leave the garret? And what is lost or gained in that choice?