65 Starting Points

United States
British Columbia
Angie Abdou
Friday, October 21, 2016 - 8:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

Joan Crate began her novel with a character from her other writing who would have gone to a residential school, so she followed that thread to write Black Apple. At age 16, Affinity Konar encountered a piercing biography about Auschwitz and Mengele’s twins. “I clung to this book for years.” Mischling is the result. Steven Price was inspired to write By Gaslight after a conversation with a reclusive great-uncle who told Price about his great-grandfather, an English gunsmith who fled to Canada after trouble with the law. And Alissa York wrote The Naturalist afterreading accounts of 19th century Amazon explorers. “The more I learned about … naturalists during that era, the more I wanted to create one of my own.” Four starting points for an intriguing discussion about the novels that followed.