61 Sibling Strongholds

United States
New Brunswick
Rhea Tregebov
Friday, October 21, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Revue Stage

What is the connection that joins people far more strongly than genes or bloodlines can explain? Four contemporary works explore the depths of familial love. Harriet and her brother, Irwin—who is constantly in and out of hospital—have a complicated relationship with each other, and with the oblivious adults who are raising them. Twins Pearl and Stasha, taken to Auschwitz to be part of Josef Mengele’s horrors and experiments, have an unbreakable bond that helps them navigate their painful past. Violet, left behind by her parents while they search for her older brother, is haunted by his absence. And siblings bonded in surprising ways make up Catherine Leroux’s collection of linked short stories. Leroux, alongside Affinity Konar, Riel Nason and Cordelia Strube, finds that fiction can share the deep emotion and protection of sibling bonds: connections that go far beyond just sharing parents.