36 Mythical Modern Worlds

British Columbia
Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 10:00am to 11:30am
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“Characters’ lives do not end just because a book does,” says C.C. Humphreys. Today, he and Erin Bow share the sequels to their wildly popular books. Bow’s The Swan Riders picks up where The Scorpion Rules left off, set in a world four centuries from now, with humankind on the brink of extinction. You’ll want to know how 16-year-old Crown Princess Greta handles that challenge. Humphreys’ Elayne, star of The Hunt of the Unicorn, is also primed for new adventures in The Hunt of the Dragon when she hears reports of an unusual two-headed snake caught in the city’s sewers. This is readers’ opportunity to discover what other adventures lie in the fertile minds of Humphreys and Bow.

Suitable for Grades 8-12


  • The Swan Riders, Erin Bow
  • The Hunt of the Dragon, Chris Humphreys

Curriculum Connections:

  • Creative Writing: Characters and plots.


Discuss: Are you seeking out adventure? When and where do you think you will find it? 

Have students write a story in which it is up to them to save the world. Have them detail the events leading up to this crisis and how they would approach the situation.