32 Tomboy Survival Guide

British Columbia
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 8:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

Tomboy Survival Guide is a collaboration between Ivan Coyote and three fast friends who, through story, music, lyrics, memories and photographs, have created a show that’s part anthem and part instructions for dismantling the gender stories we tell. Coyote and the all-tomboy band invite you to join them as they navigate the narrow halls of public washrooms, skirt the threat of being picked to be a flower girl, triumph over tying a double Windsor knot and discover the power and beauty in realizing they were handsome all along. A defiant, fearless and tender performance awaits you, fresh from the creative minds of Coyote, award-winning author of 10 previous books, and musical friends who have found their own way to be true.

Presented by Tangerine.