22 Chain Reactions

Newfoundland and Labrador
British Columbia
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Performance Works
$17 / $9.50

Sometimes it’s just one event, or one person, that has the power to start a chain reaction that changes everything. This afternoon three authors share stories of life gone sideways for their young protagonists, from falling in with the wrong crowd, to the growing apart of “best friends since forever,” to floundering between childhood and adolescence. Owen Matthews, who also writes adult thrillers, explores what happens when Eric’s new crowd ups the ante from shoplifting to building bombs in his first YA novel. Man Booker and Scotiabank Giller Prize nominee Lisa Moore, in her debut novel for young readers, creates a series of shattering events that change 16-year-old Flannery’s worldview. And award-winning author Vikki VanSickle looks at the summer that everything changed for Reenie.

Suitable for Grades 8-12 and adults.


  • The Fixes, Owen Matthews
  • Flannery, Lisa Moore
  • Summer Days, Starry Nights, Vikki VanSickle

Curriculum Connections: 

  • Diversity, Identity & Self esteem


Discuss: How important is friendship to you? How did you find or select the friends you have now? Are any of the skills, knowledge or traits you possess due to the company you have kept? 

Have a conversation with a friend about an event that was defining in your friendship and write about the incident in detail.