14 Dystopian Dreams

New Zealand
Claudia Casper
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 8:30pm
Waterfront Theatre

There seems to be no end to the variations of worlds-gone-wrong that we can dream up. Michael Helm imagines a neuroscientist who intends to blow the whistle on a pharmaceutical company and its creativity drug gone wrong. In Anna Smaill’s dystopian world, chimes are played across London morning and night to mute memory and keep people trapped in ignorance. M.G. Vassanji veers from themes he often tackles to imagine a future where mortality has been overcome but people are running out of memory space and, by erasing memories, create new identities. In Charlotte Wood’s near-future nightmare world, misogyny and totalitarianism haunt and hunt 10 young women. Come meet four explorers who have been to the darkest parts of our psyche, and returned with great fiction.


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